Ybris BLACK SUN Limited Edition XS-F Review

When you decide to watercool your system, it is crucial to carefully choose a CPU waterblock. Today we are testing the Ybris BLACK SUN Limited Edition XS-F CPU water block.


2011 03 27 145525 - Ybris BLACK SUN Limited Edition XS-F Review

Ybris is a relatively new company whose headquarters are located in north Italy. They specialise in PC watercooling and mainly in waterblocks. Ybris waterblocks always attracted our attention for their  the build quality, so we decided to have a look on a high performance waterblock of the company.

Let’s take a quick look at Ybris BLACK SUN Limited Edition XS-F specs:



  • Matrix microalette 0.6 mm
  • Material: Copper Electrolytic C110 by 55x55x2.3 mm
  • Internal work: precision micro milling
  • Outside processing: grinding, brushing, sandblasting, polishing top

     Grinding, lapping and polishing of the fund
     Closing by stainless steel screws corrosion
     Final manual polishing
     Pickling treatment resistant and corrosion protective plating 



  • Naval brass 55x55x15 mm
  • Internal work carried out by numerically controlled milling
  • Outside processing by CNC milling and polishing the final aesthetic
  • Final polishing higher Ybris logo and unique serial number laser engraved recognition of
  • Treatment resistant and PVD Black Mirror

Standard fittings Series Black Nickel:


  • Chrome plated brass fittings with O-ring for a quick disassembly during maintenance
  • 1/4 G threads, maximum depth of thread: 5 mm
  • Inner holes 11 mm, 14.5 mm outer pipes suitable for 12/17 or 13/19 mm 
  • Fixing the base by 8 steel screws 


A Closer Look – The Package

The Ybris BLACK SUN Limited Edition XS-F comes in a very simple cardbox.

Of course, screws, springs, plastic washers, nuts screws included in the package. The compatible processors sockets are:

  • Intel LGA 775
  • Intel LGA1156 (i5)
  • Intel LGA 1366 (i7)
  • AM2 / AM3

We would be prefer the screws to be in black colour, as they do not look good with the black waterblock. We think they would fit a lot better with the chrome version

At the above pictures we can see the backplate that is used to mount the waterblock.


 A Closer Look – The Waterblock

We have to say that we were impressed with the design of the Ybris BLACK SUN Limited Edition XS-F, as it looks very elegant.

The fittings and the upper part are in a nice black pearl colour and and the logo of Ybris is encraved by laser.

The build quality is flawless and you can tell it when you have the block in your hands. We have to do with a waterblock that has a solid build quality.

We could easily say that the cooling surface is a piece of art. No machinery marks are visible.

At the above picture we can take an idea of what the microfins base looks like when removed.



The installation of the Ybris BLACK SUN Limited Edition XS-F was a piece of cake – it is a high-class product whose installation will not scare even inexperienced users.

The backplate fitted well at our motherboard and there was no friction or anything.

At the above pictures we can clearly see the placement of the springs.


Test Setup and Procedures

The machine on which we tested the block is:

Processor: Intel Core i7 920
Motherboard: Asus P6X85D Premium
RAM: Mushkin Redline 6GB-998691
VGA: Gigabyte GTX480 1536MB
HDD: Velocity Raptor 150GB
PSU: Nexus 1000W
Case: Thermaltake Armor VA8003BWS
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit

The parts for testing along with the pump were:


We tested BLACK SUN Limited Edition XS-F against:


  • Innovatek i7
  • Watercool HK CPU LGA 1366 REV. Special Edition Nickel
  • EK Water Blocks EK-supreme HF nickel

The tests we took included:


  • Waterflow (Litre / Hour)
  • Idle temp i7 920@4ghz-1.32v
  • Load temp i7 920@4ghz-1.32v

Please note that we took the tests directly with our i7 overclocked at 4GHz, with the load system conditions being under running Prime95.


Test Results

ybrisgraph4 - Ybris BLACK SUN Limited Edition XS-F Review

ybrisgraph2 - Ybris BLACK SUN Limited Edition XS-F Review ybrisgraph3 - Ybris BLACK SUN Limited Edition XS-F Review

At idle system condition, the Ybris Black Sun managed the lowest temperature, achieving 27 degrees celsius, three less than the second EK-Supreme. Quite good start.

Under full system conditions, things hardly changed. Ybris’s waterblock achieved the lowest temperature of 57 degrees, with the second EK achieving 59. Innovatek’s and Watercool’s waterblocks took the remaining two positions, with 62 and 61 degress celsious.

At our last test, the waterflow comparison, the Ybris BLACK SUN Limited Edition XS-F managed to outperform the other contestants as well, delivering the largest water quantity of the test.



To tell you the truth, the Ybris BLACK SUN Limited Edition XS-F is the highest performing block we have come across so far, having amazing looks, with craft details that make the difference. It’s easy enough even for an amateur user to install, it’s quiet and effective. We consider it to be a right step forward to setup a reliable water-cooling system and we would recommend it to any power user out there. Costing 62 euros, it is sure worth the money considering that you get a flawlessly designed product with a solid build that does the job it promises.


(+) Solid Build Quality
(+) Great Performance
(+) Black Classy Design


(-) None


Thus, we give the Ybris Black Sun Limited Edition XS-F a rating of 10/10 and our Editor’s Choice Award.


Editors Choice 294x300 - Ybris BLACK SUN Limited Edition XS-F Review

editors 9gnbaimv - Ybris BLACK SUN Limited Edition XS-F Review

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