TekNMotion PulseWave 2 Headset Review

When it comes to voice chatting a common PC headset will do the job fine. However, gamers tend to want something more so they prefer to buy gaming headsets which offer better sound capabilities and are usually of a higher quality. Today we are reviewing TekNmotion PulseWave 2 gaming headset.


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Founded in 2006, TekNmotion specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative PC accessories and quality media storage products. Their headquarters are located in the US and they mainly specialise in media storage and gaming gear products.

Let’s take a quick look at the TekNMotion PulseWave 2 main specs and features:

 Built-in Microphone
Compatibility: Universal
Sound Output Mode: Stereo
Color: Black
Speaker Driver: 40mm
Speaker Impedance: 32 Ohms
Sensitivity: 102 3dB
Audio Input Connector: 3.5 mm, USB
Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz
Weight: 2 lbs.
Cable Length: 6.6 Ft.
Features: USB or standard mini-jack connectors, Dynamic master control box with master-mode and sub-mode switches, Detachable, full duplex microphone with mute button, Vibration intensity adjustment control, Sound volume adjustment control, Fully adjustable headband with padded leather cushion, Soft & comfortable full-surface ear cups, External battery pack to power your lights and vibration away from the computer.


A Closer Look – The Box

The TekNMotion PulseWave 2 headset came in a luxurious colorful box. The box is well designed and keeps the contents steady so that they will not be damaged during shipping. Furthermore, there is a brief description of the product’s main features and capabilities.

At the back of the box there is an illustration of the actual headset and a more detailed description of the product’s features.
The features that stand out are that the headset has a detachable microphone, which is handy and the headphones have led lighting that changes in 4 colors according to the rhythm. Furthermore, the headset is accompanied by a master control unit which is multifunctional and helps the user switch between modes in real-time. Finally, it is stated that through USB connection you can have 7.1 Virtual Surround sound, while via 3.5mm jack you can have 2.1 sound.

The headset is accompanied by a software CD that allows you to fully customize the sound settings. More on that later.

In the package there is also a detachable microphone and an external battery pack.

The master control unit is quite of interest. Generally there are three operation modes. Switching through them enables you to switch the led lights on and off and to turn vibration on or off. There is also a knob for the vibration intensity as well as a knob for the volume. Furthermore, there is a microphone mute button. Finally, one nice addition is that there is a selector for enabling the USB connection. If you have connected the headset through USB, you move the selector to the USB position and the headset is used as the default input and output sound device. When you want to disable it, you just move the selector to the STD position and it stops working. This nice feature provides ease of use and it is nice to have.


A Closer Look – The Headset

Overall the build quality of the TekNMotion PulseWave 2 is solid. It is mainly made of high quality plastic accompanied by a classy black finish.

The external part of the earcuffs looks luxurious also. On the top there is the Pulsewave logo and it is easy to see the encravings for the LED lighting.

While we found out the LED lighting to be rather futuristic than essential, the headset looked impressive in dark conditions. The lighting changes according to the music rhythm and there are a total of three colours. However it is not possible to choose only one color.

The size adjusters have a relatively long span, so the headset will fit almost any user.

The earcuffs look very common, but the truth is that the material used is very soft. Combined with the protective foam, it is guaranteed that they will not tire the user if used for excessive time.

At the above picture we take an idea of the headset’s size along with the microphone.



Getting the TekNMotion PulseWave 2 to work was very easy. We just plugged in the headset via USB connection, which should be prefered, installed the software and we were ready to go.

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The software seemed to be a little confusing at first, but after a few minutes of getting used to it, we were able to adjust the sound according to our needs. As you can see from the picture, you can calibrate the headset for 7.1 virtual surround sound.

Of course, there is also an equalizer and an environment setting. Additionally, there is a tab for karaoke and a voice alternator. Overall the software is more than complete and offers the user anything he may wish to adjust.
When we wore the headset we were suprised at how comfortable it felt in our head. The material it is made of is lightweight and does not tire the ears.
We tried the headset in voice chatting, music and gaming. In chatting, we could talk and hear the other person clearly. The person we talked to also ensured us that he could hear us crystal clear. Of course, the quality of the headset could be measured better while hearing music. We were very satisfied with the performance of the headset, the sound was filled with high quality bass and there was no distortion even at max volume. Furthermore, setting the headset to vibration mode gave a more realistic sound experience. Finally in gaming, the headset performed well giving the feeling of surround sound. Overall, a very satisfying performance by the PulseWave 2.



We were very satisfied by TekNMotion’s PulseWave 2. The sound quality is very high with nice bass, there is no distortion even at the loudest volume level. The 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound works pretty well, and this can be noticed mainly in FPS games. Apart from sound quality, the headset comes with some nice features. The detachable mic is good in case you do not need to record or voice chat, the master control unit enables you to configure the headset in real-time and the software gives you the opportunity to customise the sound to your own needs. Furthermore, the vibration feedback gives a far more realistic sound experience, with the led lighting being a nice addition but not essential. We would prefer to be able to choose one colour of lighting, but this is not a real problem.
We were able to use the headset for much time without being tired, as it is comfortable and lightweight. Despite the fact that the earcuffs look common, it is ensured that you will not have problems even after using the headset for much time. Costing around 60 euros in Europe, it is well worth the money considering that gaming headsets of the same category cost more.


(+) High quality sound, nice bass
(+) Complete software
(+) 7.1 Virtual Surround sound
(+) Vibration Effect
(+) Master Control Unit
(+) Comfortable and lightweight


(-) One selection of lighting colour would be nice


Thus, we give the TekNMotion PulseWave 2 a rating of 9.0/10 and our Editor’s Choice Award.


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