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Today we are taking a look at an unusual gadget, the Stanley LED Torch Watch that except for showing the time, it also has a LED torch. 


2013 01 25 144054 - Stanley LED Torch Watch

 The watch is sold by Brando, let’s take a look at the company description from their official website:, member of Brando Workshop, offers a wide range of fashionable, exquisite and functional watches and clocks for our customers. You will find your favourite watch or clock here to fulfil your needs and to let your life gets more fun. The timepiece not merely tells you the time, it could be a toy, a decoration for your home or office, a photoframe or even a measure tape and so on.



The Stanley LED Torch Watch arrived in a nice sleek metal box of nickel color, with the top cover being black. Inside the box we can find a user manual and the watch safely protected in foam material. The user manual explains all the watch functions in detail. All the casual digital watch functions are here, like alarm and chronograph.



The LED Torch Watch is mainly made of high quality plastic and is finished in black color with the details marked in yellow. As far as the size is concerned, the watch is definitely considered bulky and big, as it includes the torch, and it will surely not appeal to casual watch lovers, as it is mainly targeted for people working in dark environments. There is also a button that lights up the LED screen in blue color. There are three more separate buttons that switch between modes, start the chronograph and reset the timer.  


IMGP0528 - Stanley LED Torch Watch


The torch, as you can see, does a pretty good job in lighting up a small space, but of course do not expect the results of a normal torch. Finally, the strap is of fine quality and fully adjustable, and it can withstand use under bad conditions.

You will probably be wondering about the battery of the LED Torch Watch. Under the back cover, there are two replaceable batteries, one is for the torch and the other for the watch. This is good, as the use of the torch does not affect the watch battery life.

Overall, we have to do with a gadget that it does what it says. The bulky size can be a disadvantage for many potential buyers, as it looks a bit weird to wear, but they will have to look elsewhere as this watch is mainly targeted to a specific group that needs to continuously carry a small source of light with them. For this group this watch will be fine.


Thus, we would like to give the Stanley LED Torch Watch our Innovation Award.


Innovation 294x300 - Stanley LED Torch Watch


innovationaward u6n366a1 - Stanley LED Torch Watch

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