Sandberg USB Surround Sound Headset 5.1 Review

Our review today concerns the Sandberg USB Surround Sound Headset 5.1, a headset that promises a true 5.1 surround experience.


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Sandberg was founded in 1985 and their headquarters are located in Denmark. . The  product range covers everything for the home and business – from cables and headset to wireless networking. Sandberg mainly specializes in networking products, IT and AV cables, plug-ins and audio.

Let’s take a quick look at the Sandberg USB Surround Sound Headset 5.1 specs and features:

Connection: USB
Cable length: 2.0 metres
   Mic dimensions: 9.7 mm x 5.0 mm
   Sensitivity: -39 dB
   Directivity: unidirectional
   Impedance: 2.2 K ohms
   Drive diameter: 30 mm
   Impedance: 32 ohm
   Frequency response: 18-20 KHz
   Output power: 200mW
   Sensitivity; 108 dB
   Drive diameter: 40 mm
   Impedance: 32 ohm
   Frequency response: 10-20 KHz
   Output power: 400 mW
   Sensitivity; 108 dB
   Drive diameter: 30 mm
   Impedance: 32 ohm
   Frequency response: 18-20 KHz
   Output power:200 mW
   Sensitivity;108 dB
   Drive diameter: 27 mm
   Impedance: 8 ohm
   Frequency response: 10-400Hz
   Output power: 600 mW


A Closer Look – The Package

Sandberg delivers the product in a stylish colorful box with a transparent part that allows us to see the Sandberg USB Surround Sound Headset 5.1.  At the front side we also find the main features of the headset.

At the right side of the box there is an illustration of the master control unit.

At the left side there is an interesting schematic showing us the anatomy of the headset’s earcuffs.

The inner part of the packaging has a nice plastic protection that keeps the headset in place and protects it from damage.

Inside the package, except for the actual headset, we find a Xear 3D software CD, a User Guide and the Warranty Card.


A Closer Look – The Headset

The Sandberg USB Surround Sound Headset 5.1 has a nice build and generally gives an impression of a luxurious product. The structure is of high standards and is mainly characterised by black colour. There is also a nice Sanberg logo at the top.

The earcuffs are flawlessly designed and have a fulfilling black finish. We can see that there is also the Sandberg logo on the top side of the earcuff.

At the top edge of the headset there is a  soft protective foam material to protect the user’s head. It is obvious that this material is a nice adition, as it enables the user to use the headset for a long time without tiring him.

The velvet earcups make you feel classy from the moment you put them on. They are super comfortable and of course, they look cool. However it took us some time to perfectly adjust them to our dimensions.


A Closer Look – The Headset, Continued

The bracket length is adjustable of course, to fit any skull size.

The microphone has the right size and it is flexible, which means that the user can rotate it to any direction.

When it comes to high quality headsets, the control unit plays an important role in their efficiency. At Sandberg’s headset, the master control unit is something more than satisfying. There are knobs for volume, a microphone mute switch and separate knobs for front, rear and subwoofer volume. Due to the sophisticated earcuff anatomy, these knobs give you the ability to fully control each speaker separately, and that way you can fully adjust the surround sound feeling.

The chord supplied is of enough length to suit everywhere. As we can see, it is a USB connection type, as the headset actually has its own sound codecs and functions as a separate sound card. With the software installed, the headset is recognized simply by plugging it in in an available USB port.


A Closer Look – The Software

The installation was trouble-free, you just install the software and plug in the USB headset. Through the application, you can fully customize the sound experience. At the above picture we see the surround sound customisation, which is very easy to configure, as the user interface is very friendly.

There is also a sound equalizer with presets along with an environment setup.

Through the information tab we can see the device properties.


Performance and Verdict

We used the Sandberg USB Surround Sound Headset 5.1 while gaming mostly, but also while listening to music and watching a movie with surround sound. We found out that the sound quality was excellent, from the lowest volume to maximum. The bass was precise, deep and wide, and there was no distortion or anything. Given the fact that there is also a microphone, these headphones are suitable for any use. With the supplied software and hardware knobs, the user can adjust the sound to his own needs. Gaming with the Sandberg USB Surround Sound Headset 5.1, proved to be a satisfying experience and we felt isolated in the sound with the positive meaning of the word. We cannot say that they delivered true surround sound, but due to the headset’s structure we were fully aware of the gaming environment and had a virtually surround feeling. Even after using the headset for many hours, we were not tired at all thanks to the material used for the earcuffs. Costing around 70 euros, we can say that the Sandberg USB Surround Sound Headset 5.1 is absolutely a good deal, mainly due to the rich sound experience.


(+) Great Sound
(+) Deep bass
(+) Comfortable
(+) Included Software


(-) None


Thus, we give the Sandberg USB Surround Sound Headset 5.1 our Value For Money Award, as its price is very tempting for the sound quality it offers.


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