Sandberg Mini DVB-T Dongle Review

Sandberg was founded in 1985 and their headquarters are located in Denmark. The product range covers everything for the home and business – from cables and headset to wireless networking. Sandberg mainly specializes in networking products, IT and AV cables, plug-ins and audio. Today we will be making the review of the Sandberg Mini DVB-T Dongle.


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The Sandberg Mini DVB-T Dongle, is the tiniest TV tuner we have ever seen. However, its size will not prevent it from having interesting features, which will see right away:


  • Supports Mpeg2, Mpeg4, AVC / H.264
  • Supports regular and HD TV channels
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Compliant: ETSI EN 300 744, Nordig
  • Processor on-board
  • Aerial: Connector MCX
  • DVB-T frequency 174~240 MHz, 470~858 MHz
  • DAB frequency 174~240 MHz
  • FM frequency radio 88~108 MHz
  • Carrier COFDM; 2K & 8K mode
  • Channel Bandwidth: 6 MHz, 7 MHz, 8 MHz
  • Type of Modulation: QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM

The product is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

In Sandberg’s website, it is clearly stated that the tuner’s performance will heavily depend on the signal reception by your antenna, which absolutely makes sense.


Package and contents



The Sandberg Mini DVB-T Dongle arrived in a colorful hard plastic packaging which is transparent, so you can see the actual dongle along with the antenna. On the front side the main features are demonstrated using icons.

At the back side of the box we can see the product’s features and main specifications in various languages.

Inside the package there is also a very detailed manual which includes directions for installing the dongle and using the accompanying software.

Everything is nicely demonstrated without confusing the user. In most cases, even if you skip reading the manual, you will not have a problem using the dongle.


A Closer Look – The Sandberg Mini DVB-T Dongle



As you can see, the Sandberg Mini DVB-T is very small in size and of black color. We can tell that is of the same size as some small USB sticks. On the top of the dongle there is the Sandberg logo encraved.

At the back side of the dongle we can find the antenna connector.

Of course, do not expect to get full signal and quality using this antenna. Sandberg has included an adaptor inside the package so that you can connect an external aerial.

The adaptor attaches to the dongle’s main body and it gives a universal aerial antenna connector at the other end.


A Closer Look – The Software



It was nice to see that Sandberg included the full version of Newsoft’s Presto PVR in the package. During our tests we found out that it is an easy to use software that does not lack features.

After plugging in the dongle, setting up the channels was a piece of cake and the tuner found all the channel frequencies that it was supposed to find.

We found out that the picture quality of the TV channels was crisp without any distortion, and navigating through our channel list was easy thanks to the right side menu. The EPG feature was also very easy to operate.


Performance and verdict

Overall, we were very satisfied with Sandberg Mini DVB-T dongle. Honestly, we did not expect such a tiny device to reproduce TV and radio channels in superb quality. The picture was crystal clear, without any annoying lag. Setting up the device, scanning for channels and afterwards watching them, was a quick, trouble-free experience.
Of course, the inclusion of Presto PVR software in the package surely adds up in the dongle’s usage.

We would surely like the presence of a remote control in the package, but taking the price into consideration, this is not a real problem.

Costing around 39 euros across Europe, the Mini DVB-T dongle is a low-budget tuner that is the way to go for users who want to add TV functionality to their laptop or desktop PC.


(+) Great picture quality and performance
(+) Ease of use
(+) Small size, can hardly be distinguished when plugged into a USB port
(+) Presto PVR inclusion in package


(-) Lack of remote control


Thus, we can surely give the Sandberg Mini DVB-T our Editor’s Choice Award.


Editors Choice 294x300 - Sandberg Mini DVB-T Dongle Review



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