Sandberg Cover iPhone 5 Black skin + Gold and Case stand iPhone 5 skin Black Review

Once the new iPhone 5 launched, a vast variety of protective cases was released the i market. Today we will be taking a look at two new iPhone 5 cases by Sandberg.



Sandberg was founded in 1985 and their headquarters are located in Denmark. The product range covers everything for the home and business – from cables and headset to wireless networking. Sandberg mainly specializes in networking products, IT and AV cables, plug-ins and audio.


Both cases come in a simple white plastic box with a transparent part on the front from which can we see the actual cases.


The Cover iPh 5 Black skin + Gold has a gold plastic surrounding and the largest part of the back side is covered by a classy finned leather material.


Installing the iPhone into place very is easy, as you only need to gently push the phone and it will lock. Of course the phone is fully usable as there are no buttons or connectors covered by the case.  The fit is at above average levels but the truth is that it is not a very close fit. 

Overall, the Black skin + Gold is a simple iPhone 5 case with an emphasis on design that gives a really classy touch to your favourite device.


The second case that we are reviewing is the Sandberg iPhone 5 stand. lts body is made of black leather material and comes with more features than the Gold Skin. First of all, it has a front lid cover that protects the phone’s screen, so basically, you get full body protection using this case. Furthermore, the front cover folds at the back of the case, acting as a stand, which is very useful when for example you want to watch a movie while travelling.


Putting the iPhone 5 into the case was very easy here as well and the fit is perfect, as the phone is steadily kept into place. The whole case feels solid and gives a feeling of safety due to the fact that it offers full body protection. The front lid is held  by a magnet which helps in keeping the phone case closed.

So let’s talk about our final impressions. Costing around 26.00€ across Europe, these cases will not appeal to everyone as there are cheaper options in the market. Especially for the Cover iPh 5 Black skin + Gold, users may consider other cheaper options. However, it has an awesome gold design and in combination with the finned leather back cover we have a case that can give your device this classy feeling. 

In the occasion of the Case stand iPhone 5 skin Black, we have to do with a complete case that offers full body protection including the screen, with the additional stand feature. We can easily say that this case is totally worth the money, as it combines a solid build quality with a perfect fit that can offer maximum protection levels for your beloved iPhone 5 while still remaining classy thanks to its black leather material.



Thus, we would like to give the Case stand iPhone 5 skin Black our Editor’s Choice award.


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