Reeven 6-Eyes Fan Controller Review

For some users with high-end systems it is important to know system states at any time. Reeven have released the Reeven 6-Eyes Fan Controller, a front bay controller that has 6 separate LCD screens showing RPM and temperatures while providing real-time RPM control.


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Reeven is a relatively new company that specialises in PC cooling. Let’s take a look at the official website description:

REEVEN is a newly established international manufacturer of PC related products. REEVEN’s product lines includes the best quality of advanced CPU coolers, Cooling Fans, Power Supply Units, PC Cases and many other items. the target of our products will be  a wide range of audience under our philosopohy “Professional Quality Gears”, for products that will withstand the highest demand.

Let’s take a look at the controller’s specs taken directly from the company’s website:

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Package and Accessories


The Reeven 6-Eyes Fan Controller comes in a cardbox with an industrial feeling, like all the other Reeven products. Around the box you will find plenty of information on the controller, as the main features are stated.

Apart from the controller, in the box you will find a user manual, six temperature sensor cables, six fan connector cables, a sticker and the power connector cable. Pretty much everything you will need to get the controller up and running.


A Closer Look – The Reeven 6-Eyes Fan Controller


The controller is made of high-quality plastic material and is finished in black colour. At the front side we can find the six knobs that, if pushed, they can adjust the fan RPM in real time, along with their separate LCD screens. At the back side we can find all kind of connectors; fan RPM connectors and temperature sensor connectors. At the far right side there are jumpers that manage the alarm settings and change the LED color of the display. Tha fact that you have to change the LED color through jumpers is not very handy and we would prefer a small button at the front bay.


Installation and Verdict


Installing the Reeven 6-Eyes was very easy and like every other front bay controller in the market. With the supplied power cable you can connect the unit to the PSU, and using the fan cables you can connect the fans of your system directly on the unit. Finally, you can place the temperature sensors near the fan area where you wish to have the temperature monitored.

The controller looks very nice when powered up and the display is of high-quality. As mentioned, you can adjust fan RPM by pushing the relevant knob and turning it right or left. The temperature display also comes in very handy and you can see it changing according the fans’ RPM. The seven LED coloring combinations will surely satisfy everyone and this is good that there is a variety of colors, even though that changing colors requires access to the back of the controller. The additional alarm system is surely a plus and using this you can avoid critical situations.

Overall we have to do with a well-built and multi-feature fan controller that provides real-time system information. However, priced at 40.00€ across Europe. we feel it is a bit overpriced as there are other fan controllers made of aluminum and offer more information on the system state, as well as cheaper ones that offer exactly the same features.


(+) Well built
(+) Real time fan RPM control
(+) Alarm setting


(-) Price
(-) LED color switching button not at the front bay

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