Rasurbo Xange Review

Rasurbo is a relatively new company that specializes in PC cases and PSU’s. Today we are taking a look at their Rasurbo Xange Midi Tower Case, which is a well built PC chassis that does not cost much.


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Let’s take a quick look at the specs of the Rasurbo Xange:

rasxangspe - Rasurbo Xange Review

A Closer Look – The Package



The Rasurbo Xange comes in a black cardbox. At the front we see the actual case plus the various colour metal plates of the innovative design it incorporates, while at the sides we can find the case’s specs and features.

At the top side of the box, we can find the Xange logo. Upon opening the package, we can find that all the contents are nicely protected with protective foam material that prevents damage during shipping.


A Closer Look – Accessories


The special feature of RASURBO’s brand new PC case “XANGE” are the coloured design plates being accurately attached to the case’s front (two plates) and top (one X-shaped plate), held by micro magnets. Each case includes a whole set of 21 plates in seven different colours: green, red, blue, silver, orange, white and black. If you combine these 21 plates you have the possibility to create a wide variety of design patterns!

Also included is a User’s Manual which has installation instructions and schematics in various languages.


A Closer Look – The Case Exterior



Overall, the Rasurbo Xange feels well built and carefully designed. The front of the case is almost entirely plastic. At the top,we can clearly see the X-shaped carving in order to put the colour metal plates in. At the these pictures we can see how the Xange looks from its sides. Furthermore, at the top there are three small displays that show temperature and fan speed, which is a fairly nice addition to the bundle. At the upper side, there is an internal slot for a 120mm fan to help in ventilation.


A Closer Look – The Case Exterior, Continued



The front panel located at the upper side of the case includes 1x USB 2.0 and, indeed, 1x USB 3.0 connector, eSATA, microphone and headphone jack, a start button and a restart button. Looking at the back side, we can notice that the PCI brackets have holes for ventilation, which greatly help in hot air exhaustion outside of the case.

The feet bases are fitted with a soft foam rubber, which reduces vibration and is designed to prevent scratching of surfaces. At the bottom of the Xange there is also a honeycomb lattice, which allows the power supply, to suck in air from outside.

The installation of the color plates is very simple and is done using magnet contacts. The result as you see is very pleasant to the eye, and the user can make numerous color combinations.


A Closer Look – The Case Interior



Neat job has been done also internally, the case has an awesome black finish and this is amplified by the orange HDD knobs utilised. At the second picture, we can see the holes that help in cable management. The internal fan used is made by Sezeya.

Installation of the HD drives is a piece of cake, you just place the drive and thurn the knob to lock it in place. At the second picture we can see that there is an opening for easily installing or uninstalling the CPU cooler, which is nice.

At the pictures we can also see the ventilation holes on the PCI brackets, as well as the PSU ventilation grill. These two may seem small details, but they can help in the system’s ventilation circuit.





We did not encounter a single problem when installing our system into the Rasurbo Xange. The end result with the transparent window looks cool. After installing our i7 system, we were satisfied to see that there was plenty of space left in the case. The cabling management system greatly helps in keeping the system interior neat, thus not affecting cooling. Installing our hard drive was very easy and fast, thanks to the locking nuts utilised.

Installation of add-in cards is a simple process with 34.5cm graphics cards supported. Just unscrew the bracket cover, insert the card(s) and screw in place.

Of course, we would advise the user to purchase an additional 120mm fan to mount at the backside, as this will greatly enhance airflow through the chassis.

We have to admit that the three temperature and RPM controller sensors at the top look totally awesome in dark conditions. The fan control has three controls for Plus, Minus and color change, showing the speed at the bottom and above the temperature (selectable between ° C and ° F). At the second picture we can see the connectiors for the temperature and fan control. Now for the fan control: This consists of a sensor, a 4 pin Molex connector for power supply, as well as a connection for the fan itself.


Test Setup and Procedures

The machine which we mounted on the Xange was:

CPU: Intel i7 920
Motherboard: Asus X58D Premium
VGA: Gigabyte GeForce GTX480
RAM: Trancend Axe Ram 2000 – 3 x 2GB
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black WD6402AAEX 640GB 
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit

The load test was performed with Prime95.
Tests were made at a room temperature of 24.1 degrees celsius.
The temperatures were read with Core Temp and measured with an infrared sensor.


Test Results

Below we can see the temperature test results for various components of our system, in idle and load system conditions:


2011 06 22 223803 - Rasurbo Xange Review


The temperature results were very good, except for the GTX480 VGA. This is considered logical though, as the GTX480 runs too hot by factory.



Overall, we would highly recommend this case to anyone looking for  a quality case able to hold his new system. The design is next-gen, with the ability to customise it in many ways, thanks to the variety of plates included. Installing a new system is painless, and the Rasurbo Xange is spacious enough to hold any motherboard or VGA card without causing installation problems. Of course, the holes used for cable management play an important role on this. There are small details, like the easy access to the backside of the motherboard to the CPU cooler and the tool less insertion of 5.25″ storage units that make the case stand out from products of the same price tag. Note sound isolation is also good, making the system quiet during operation. The only drawback is that only one fan is included, but this is not a big deal considering the case’s price.

Costing around 75euros, the Rasurbo Xange is definitely worth the money, as it is a case made with high-quality standards and flawlessly crafted.


(+) Easy to work with
(+) Quiet
(+) Great design and customisation possibilities
(+) Solid build quality
(+) Good cable management
(+) Price


(-) Only one fan included


Thus, we would like to give the Rasurbo Xange our Value For Money Award.



Value For Money 1 294x300 - Rasurbo Xange Review







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