Quadocta Arbor Case for iPhone5 Review

Nowadays there are cases and accessories in any price range for the iPhone5. We can surely say that you will not need to search very much to find a product that will fulfill your needs concerning the protection of your beloved iPhone5. Today we will be taking a look at the Quadocta Arbor Case for iPhone5.


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Quadocta is a company that specialises in producing high-quality cases for mobile devices and their headquarters are located in Germany. 

Generally we have to do with a case that is mainly made with natural wood and metal surrounding.



The case arrived in a black and red transparent box in which there are no description or features, but many small encraved Quadocta logos all over.



Along with the case body, there is also a small linen cloth supplied which is nice from Quadocta to include, as it helps to get any signs of dust away. As mentioned before, the most part of the case is made of brown natural wood, accompanied with metal at its sides. The case feels very classy and due to the purity of the material it is very soft in the hand. The inner part of the shell is finished in a neat black colour, while the back outer shell is finished in brown wood, which has two lighter brown variations in the middle. Note that the wood has been processed flawlessly and there are no machinery marks or anomalies anywhere in the surface.



Fitting the iPhone5 into the Quadocta Arbor Case was a piece of cake, as you just need to push it inside and it will lock into place. The fitting is excellent and there is virually zero jog as the phone is kept steadily into the case. There are holes and openings that offer full phone and camera functionality with flash support.

Overall, the Quadocta Arbor Case is a case crafted in high standards and can protect your phone from damage. The iPhone5 feels great at hand while using this case. Costing around 50.00€ (including shipping), it is surely an expensive case and we fear that not many users would be willing to spend so much for a case just for its wooden body. We can guarantee though that in terms of quality, you surely get what you pay for! 


Thus, we would like to give the Quadocta Arbor Case our Performance Award.


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