QDOS Smoothies Titanium Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

With the iPhone 4 and 4S being a so popular phone and one of the most used gadgets around the globe, there is no doubt why there is a plethora of accessories and cases out in the market. Today we will be taking a look at QDOS Smoothies Titanium case.


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QDOS is a UK based company that produces accessories and cases mainly for the Apple product line as well as for other various smartphones.

Let’s take a look at the case’s features:


  • Ultra scratch proof durable polycarbonate rigid case
  • Unique bevel edged surface
  • Bold colours appear ‘under glass’
  • Ergonomic bumper-style surround offers ease of handling and enhanced protection
  • Snug secure fit
  • Stylish protection from scratches, scuffs and dust
  • Easy access to all ports, buttons  and camera
  • Compatibility: iPhone 4 & 4S


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The QDOS Smoothies Titanium Case comes in a dark grey transparent box from which we can see the actual case, along with the QDOS logo on top. At the back side we can see the main features of the case, that emphasize on the back side of the case which is made of anti-scratch material and is carefully crafted so that the iPhone and its buttons will fit inside flawlessly, effectively protecting it.


The QDOS Smoothies Titanium Case is a flawlessly crafted case that emphasizes in maximum durability and protection from damage. The back side is made of high-quality polycarbonate anti-scratch material that ensures that the case will look like new even after a considerable amount of usage time. The sample that arrived to us had a neat black finish. The case also features a unique bevel-edged surface that ensures wear protection and overall adds up to the overall construction of the case. Furthermore, the transparent polycarbonate material gives a nice touch in terms of design, as it follows the iPhone’s glass finish design pattern.

When we slid in our iPhone 4S, we clearly understood that the fit is secure and holds the device strongly in place. As you can see, there is easy access to all the phone’s functions; volume, on/off button, and charging slot. At the back side there is of course an opening allowing the full use of the camera. Except for protecting the device, the bumper surrounding has also an anti-slip effect when you hold the phone.

Overall we were very satisfied with the Smoothies case. Costing 20,00EUR, this case is worth buying considering that you want a simple and serious quality case that offers maximum protection for your iPhone.

Thus, we can surely give the QDOS Smoothies Titanium Case our Value For Money award, as it is a case made with high-standards and you surely get what you pay for.


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