Phobya FanMax6 Controller Review

A fan controller is a very useful accessory for the power user. It allows real time fan RPM adjusting so that there is a balance between noise levels and performance at given situations. Today we will present you our review of the Phobya FanMax6 Controller.

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Phobya is not actually a company but a union of various manufacturers who make products with high quality standards. Therefore Phobya does not have a head office but rather develops and produces products at multiple locations worldwide.

Let’s take a quick look at FanMax6 Controller specs:

Material: Aluminium
Colour: Black
Dimensions (LxWxH): 149 x 42 x 68mm
Output voltage: 5-12V
Maximum output current: 10A
Optimal power draw per channel: 6W
Fan channels: 6
Fan connector: 3-Pin
Power connection: 4-Pin Molex 12V DC


A Closer Look – Package and Contents

The Phobya FanMax6 controller comes in a rather simple card box. At the front side there is an illustration of the controller itself and a description of the controller’s main features.

Inside the package, apart from the module we find also 4 Mounting screws, 1 4Pin 450mm Molex power connection cable, and 6 3Pin 600mm fan extension cables. Actually this is everything the user will possibly need for a troublefree installation. The extension cables ensure that the fans will be plugged in even if they are located far from the module.


A Closer Look – The Module

The Phobya FanMax6 controller is clean looking and has a nice black finish. The body is well structured and there are no flaws. There is also one small nice Phobya logo in the lower right corner. Each knob has an L and H indication, that show the way it has to be turned to achive the desired Fan RPM. The knobs feel well at hand when using, too.

At the back of the panel we see the fan connectors. There are a total of 6 connectors and one power connector. Using the included extension cables, you just connect the fans and the power and you are ready to go.



Installing the module was not a problem. We just put it in an empty 5.25” bay, mounted using the screws, supplied power from the PSU using the included 450mm Molex cable and connected the fans using the included extension cables. Needless to say, the module looks great especially when installed on black PC cases.

Under the knobs there are LED lights which are lit when a fan is connected and they flash during operation.



Costing around 25 euros in Europe, the Phobya FanMax6 is certainly worth the money. It does the job it promises simply and effortlessly. Installing the controller is painless and all the necessary components are included in the package. Using the controller, we could adjust every single fan installed in our PC case according to our needs – quiet or performance. Overall, it is a great fan colntroller for the money.


(+) Controls 6 fans
(+) Nice black aluminium finish
(+) Easy installation
(+) Price




Thus, we give the Phobya FanMax6 Controller a rating of 10/10 and our Editor’s Choice Award.


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