Phobya DC12-400 12Volt Pump Review

Water cooling has become affordable nowadays. It is still more expensive than air cooling and various components are required, but it is much more effective in keeping temperatures down. One of the most essential components to have is the water pump, as it is responsible of supplying water from the reservoir to the system. Today we are making the review of the Phobya DC12-400 12Volt Pump.


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Phobya is not actually a company but a union of various manufacturers who make products with high quality standards. Therefore Phobya does not have a head office but rather develops and produces products at multiple locations worldwide.

Let’s take a quick look at the Phobya DC12-400 specs:

Color: Black
Casing material: Plastic
Outer dimensions: (L x W x H): 75 x 66 x 54mm
Connection thread size: G1/4″
Power connector: 3-Pin
Nominal operating voltage: DC 12V
Starting voltage: DC 8V
Power consumption: 18W
Current draw: 1.8A
Max. pressure head: 4m
Flow rate: 800 l/h
Lifespan: 50.000hrs
Noise emission: below 25 db


A Closer Look – The Box


The box design is like we know it from all Phobya product range, with great graphics and dark and red colors. At the front side we find an illustration of the pump and a brief description of the product’s main features.

At the top side we find the nice Phobya logo. On the back we find a detailed description of the pump’s specifications.

In the box all the components are inside protective foam that prevents damage during shipping. Inside the package you will find the pump itself, one decoupling mat and one decoupling bracket with two 4mm holes. In fact this is everything you will need setting up the pump.


A Closer Look – The Pump

The Phobya DC12-400 is very heavy but has small dimensions so it is able to fit in any PC case. It comes with a 3-pin connector. The 12V DC connection is a big advantage for Phobya’s fan.

Generally the body feels solid and overall the construction is well made. According to the instructions the pump should not be installed on the motherboard cause it drains much power out of it. It should be better operated at a fan connector on a Mainboard or a fan controller. If you connect it on a fan controller you will also be able to operate it at silent mode, as only 8V are needed for the pump to startup.

As we see no adaptors are required, the pump itself is ready to use as it utilises the G1/4″ common thread.

At the back side of the pump, apart from the mounting holes we find Phobya’s logo and the operating voltage.


Test Setup and Procedures

The machine on which we tested the pump is:

Processor: Intel Core i7 920
Motherboard: Asus P6X85D Premium
RAM: Mushkin Redline 6GB-998691
VGA: Gigabyte GTX480 1536MB
HDD: Velocity Raptor 150GB
PSU: Nexus 1000W
Case: Thermaltake Armor VA8003BWS
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit 

The parts for testing along with the pump were:

3 x Thermochill TA120.3 Triple  360 Radiators
1 x Enzotech Water Block Stealth Full Copper 
1 x Alphacool Repack Dual Bayres 5,25″ Clear
1 x Aqua Computer Flow Sensor

We tested Phobya’s pump against:



The tests we took included:


  • Waterflow (Litre / Hour)
  • Price Comparison


Test Results


1 as we see the Phobya manage to outperforms the other two pumps in flow measures - Phobya DC12-400 12Volt Pump Review

1 as we see the Phobya manage to outperforms the other two pumps in flow measures - Phobya DC12-400 12Volt Pump Review2 all the pumps are in the same price rage - Phobya DC12-400 12Volt Pump Review

As we see in the above diagram, the Phobya DC12-400 managed to outperform the other two pumps in terms of water flow, and also with a significant difference. It achieved 120 liters per hour while the other two had an average of 90 liters.

All the pumps of the test are in the same price range, with the Alphacool being the cheapest.



The Phobya DC12-400 is an excellent pump for the money. It delivers huge water quantity and is also very quiet during operation. Furthermore, due to its small size it fits everywhere and it is very easy to install.


(+) Solid body structure
(+) 12V, easy to install
(+) Quiet during operation
(+) Delivers impressive waterflow quantity
(+) Price
(+) Small dimensions, fits in any PC case


(-) None


Thus, we give the Phobya DC12-400 a rating of 9.5/10 and our Editor’s Choice Award.


Editors Choice 294x300 - Phobya DC12-400 12Volt Pump Review

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