Otterbox Defender for Note 2

One of the most advanced and powerful smartphones at the moment is surely the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Otterbox have released the Otterbox Defender, a massive protective case that guarantees full body protection.


2013 01 08 115559 1 - Otterbox Defender for Note 2


Otterbox was founded in 1998 in the US and they specialize in producing high-quality protective cases for a large variety of mobile devices.



The Otterbox Defender comes in a plastic transparent box in the classic yellow coloring scheme met in other Otterbox cases. At the front side the case is visible, while at the back side there is a brief description of the case, implying that it protects the Note 2 under hard conditions from drops, scratches etc. Note that there is also a front plastic cover that serves as a screen protector!



It is impressive that the Otterbox Defender for Note 2 consists of 3 layers, all finished in a neat black color. There is an inner shell in which the phone must be initially fitted, an outer hard rubber shell which protects the phone’s body, as well as a third shell that incorporates a belt clip and can be fitted in any side. If fitted at the front side, it completely covers the screen so that no damage can be made even in severe drops.



Fitting the Note 2 inside the case requires a small amount of time. First you have to unlock the clips of the inner shell to open it and insert the phone inside. Afterwards, you have to apply the rubber casing around the body. Note that the fit is perfect and the case gives you the impression that nothing can damage the phone! The back side of the rubber shell is designed so that the phone cannot slip from the user’s hands and incorporates a nice Otterbox logo. Third and optional step, you can easily place the phone in the belt clip shell if you need that feature. The belt mechanism is solid and feels great when you rotate it. Of course you can omit this step, as in our opinion it adds too much in the size of the already large-sized Note 2. The whole case assembled gives the impression of a heavy-duty flawlessly crafted product. 

The phone usability is maximum, as there are holes and openings for every function, such as the S-Pen and camera. One thing worth mentioning is that the charge and audio connectors have rubber lids that can be opened at will! You can see this better if you take a look at the above pictures. The power and volume buttons have their own rubberized encravings.

We can surely say that the Otterbox Defender is one of the best, if not the best option to consider if you want maximum protection for your Note 2. It looks massive and focuses on one aspect; protection. Many users will whine about the size of their phone after they put the case on, but it really comes to a matter of taste between protection level and design. The only little flaw that we managed to find is that the embedded screen protector does not sit tightly on the screen of the Note 2, but this should not be a problem. We did not encounter any S-Pen problems while writing on the screen. Costing around 45.00EUR across Europe, we would absolutely recommend it to anyone seeking absolute protection for their Note 2! 



Thus, we can surely give the Otterbox Defender for Note 2 our Editor’s Choice award.


Editors Choice 294x300 - Otterbox Defender for Note 2

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