Otterbox Commuter Case for iPhone 5 Review

The new iPhone 5 has just been released in the market and slowly the first accessories make their appearance, with the most popular ones being protective cases. Today we are looking at the Otterbox Commuter for the iPhone 5 which sure looks promising.


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Otterbox was founded in 1998 in the US and they specialize in producing high-quality protective cases for a large variety of mobile devices.

The Otterbox Commuter comes in a transparent black and yellow box from which we can see the actual case. At the back side there are the main features of the case. In a nutshell, it is stated that the case protects your phone from shock, dust and scratches and offers a dual layer protection.
Upon opening the box, we found out that a screen protector is included, which is very nice. Otterbox also included a cloth to remove any signs of dust before applying the protector, as well as a small plastic card so that the protector can be fitted flawlessly!


The case it self has a solid build quality and has two parts. The inner part is a grey rubber casing which protects the iPhone 5 from any kind of shock. The outer part is made of high-quality white plastic. At the back side of the plastic part we can find a neat Otterbox logo encraved. Of course, there are holes and openings so that all buttons can be accessible.

Fitting the iPhone 5 into the case is very easy. First you have to put it in place inside the rubber part and afterwards place it in the plastic casing. The phone is kept steadily in place and note that it takes a little bit of patience to remove it afterwards, fact that surely adds points to the case. The rubber part keeps the iPhone safe from shocks.

We have to say that it feels great to hold the iPhone 5 in that case. It really makes it look mean. But it is really not all about looks, if you take a look at our pictures. All the buttons are accessible and covered in silicone covering so that your phone remains as new. Please note that the charger slot at the bottom is covered by a silicone top cover, which you can remove with your finger when you need to charge the phone. Great work by Otterbox in terms of design and usability.

Costing around 30,00EUR across Europe, we strongly believe that, even this is one of the first bunch of cases that arrive for the iPhone 5, it is made with high-quality standards and offers a complete solution for protecting your iPhone 5 and totally deserves what you pay for, as we could really not find any design or manufacture flaws.

Thus, we would like to give the Otterbox Commuter our Editor’s Choice award.



Editors Choice 294x300 - Otterbox Commuter Case for iPhone 5 Review

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