Noiseblocker S Series Fans Review

Noiseblocker was founded in 1998 in Germany, and as the name implies, their main product range includes silent and high performance cooling products. Today we are taking a look at Noiseblocker S Series fans, that includes a total of five 120mm models: M12-S1, M12-S2, M12-S3HS, M12-P and M-12PS. 


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Let’s take a look at their specs, taken directly from Noiseblocker’s website:

sseriesspecs - Noiseblocker S Series Fans Review

From the above spec chart, we can understand that the S-Series include models that will cover any need, from quiet models to fans that aim for maximum airflow.


Fan Features:

Detailed information:

   * A unique, multipart vibration-free chassis with integrated structure-borne sound absorbers and glass fibre-reinforced frame
   * Extremely low start voltage!
   * Easy assembly
   * NB-EKAPlus II wide-range drive with low impulse noise
   * Verified technical data

Stated volume confirmed by the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV)!

Highest Levels of Reliability:

   * Reverse pole and overload protection, restart function, extremely failsafe, 6-year guarantee.
   * Almost noise-free bearings.
   * xtremely low-noise and long-life NB-NanoSLI® bearings.

Highest Quality

   * Extremely precise manufacturing, weighted frame with Deepsound Design.
   * Scope of delivery includes assembly material and additional sealing/ decoupling frame.
   * 6-year guarantee


A Closer Look – Package and Accessories


Packaging is like other NoiseBlocker other products, a simple, small black box with a hole cut that can see what is located inside. The same packaging patter is applied to all five models. At the back side of the box we can find features and technical data in multiple languages. We can notice the vibration-free frame that the fan utilizes. Using this frame, the fan aims to absorb the majority of vibration during operation. In the package we will also find four screws, a silicon rubber frame for absorbing vibrations and a nice shiny sticker of  Noiseblocker. Sound absorbers are also included.


A Closer Look – The S-Series Fans


All fans’ manufacturing has been done with extreme precision, utilizing a weighted frame with Deepsound Design. The build quality in the Noiseblocker S Series Fans is solid and you can tell that by the time you hold the fans in your hands. They have black frames and clear blades. The frame is not entirely made out of plastic, as the four corners of the frame where the mounting holes are at are made of tough rubber, which will absorb any vibrations to and from the chassis or cooler you’ll mount them on. They come packed with features, such as reverse pole and overload protection, restart function, thus being extremely fail safe.

The Noiseblocker S Series fans incorporate the extremely low-noise and long-life NB-NanoSLI bearings, that guarantee quiet and long-life operation. The connection cable is  nicely sleeved and long enough so that the user will not encounter any installation problems. 


Test Setup and Procedures

We did not make the tests with the fans installed in a PC case or on a CPU heatsink, as many factors can alter airflow and temperature. Instead, all the measurements were done on a bench table with an air temperature of 22 degrees celsius, and with the fans operating at maximum voltage.


The test included:


  • Airflow test
  • Noise measurement
  • Price Comparison


Test Results


sseriesairflowgraph3 - Noiseblocker S Series Fans Review



sseriesnoisegraph2 - Noiseblocker S Series Fans Review


sseriespricegraph - Noiseblocker S Series Fans Review



The S-Series offers a variety of models, so that the user can select the one according to his needs. We have to say that all the models have a decent airflow to noise ratio, even the most silent models managed to deliver a considerable amount of airflow, with the performance-oriented M12-S3HS and M12-P achieving impressive performance, while not being noisy.

All the fans remained fairly silent during our tests, with the M12-S1 and M12-S2 being hardly audible, which is quite logical, as they target users who want absolute silence and efficient cooling in their system. Overall, the S-Series fans have an impressive build quality, features for failsafe operation and deliver maximum performance while being silent. Installation is painless and the accessories supplied fulfillling. Costing from 19 to 20 euros, they are not exactly a budget buy, but they are surely worth the money. We would absolutely recommend the Noiseblocker S Series Fans, especially the performance models, M12-S3HS and M12-P to anyone who wants to build a highly-ovverclocked air-cooled system.


(+) Impressive airflow, even for the lower-RPM models
(+) Easy installation
(+) Quiet


(-) Price, but you surely get what you pay for


From all the S-Series, we would like to award the M12-S3HS and the M12-P our Performance Award, as they are very powerful fans that deliver maximum airflow while keeping the noise levels down to logical levels.


Top Performance 294x300 - Noiseblocker S Series Fans Review

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