Lian Li BS 08 Review

As years pass by, PC components have become much faster. The fast calculation speeds result in the system’s temperatures rising. Of course, the coolers supplied by the manufacturing company are enough to keep the temperatures at normal levels, but for the power users who want to overclock or have power-hungry and heat-producing high-end components in their case, additional cooling accessories should be bought. In order to keep temperatures down one of Lian Li’s proposals is the Lian Li BS 08, which uses two PCI slots to provide extra air flow.


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Lian Li was founded in 1983 and their headquarters are located in Taiwan. Their product range includes PC cases, notebook accessories, HDD enclosures, coolers and more.

Let’s take a look at the Lian Li BS 08 specs:

Brand: Lian li
Model: BS-08B
Type: PCI Slot Case Cooler
Compatibility: PCI Slot
Fan Size: 120mm
RPM: 1000 RPM


   Internal PCI Cooler
   Designed for extra PCI cooling performance
   Use two-slot space
   2x 12cm cooling fan (1000 RPM)
   Compatible with most of ATX case



A Closer Look

The Lian Li BS 08 comes in a black package, on which we find the item description and an actual picture of the product.

The actual cooler has good building quality and comes in anodized aluminium finish which is a nice touch.

Here we can see how the BS 08 looks like when it is inside the case. It is quite big for a cooler, it takes 2 PCI slots but an efficient cooler should look big to get the job done.

The BS 08 module uses 2 12cm Lian Li heat extracting fans, which also proved to be quiet during operation.

Taken from Lian Li’s website, the picture above demonstrates how easy it is to change the air flow direction.


Temperature Comparison

To test the temperatures using Lian Li BS-08 we used Zotac GTX480 Amp Edition VGA that extracts hot air inside the PC case and generally is a VGA that due to its high GPU frequency produces much heat. Of course, we tested the cooler in system idle and system full load situation.

graph temperatures idle - Lian Li BS 08 Review

In idle mode, we notice that there is a 2 degree celsius dropdown in the system’s temperature, due to the hot air extraction out of the case.

graph temperatures load - Lian Li BS 08 Review

In full load mode, we notice a 66 degree celsius system temperature without using the cooler. When we pluuged the cooler in, we noticed a 3 degree temperature dropdown.



We found out that the Lian Li BS 08 does the job it promises. With its two big fans it helps extracting the hot air outside the case and helps in keeping the system cooler. Also, it proved to be very quiet during operation as it does not disturb the PC user at all. Finally the aluminium body surely gives a touch of quality to the product.

On the other hand, paying around 40 euros for a cooling accessory is a little bit too much, but the hardcore user would sure want this cooler for his system.


(+) Performance
(+) Quiet fans
(+) Aluminium body


(-) Price


Thus, we give the Lian Li BS-08 a rating of 9.0/10 and our performance award.


Top Performance 294x300 - Lian Li BS 08 Review

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