High Power Direct 12 BR 1000W Review

Previously established as Sirfa Electronics and having over 20 years of experience, High Power was founded in 2008 and their headquarters are located in China. They mainly specialize in making power supply units.


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Today we are testing the High Power Direct 12 BR 1000W PSU, which has an 80Plus Bronze certification. Let’s take a quick look at its specs, taken directly from the company’s website:

specshibr12 - High Power Direct 12 BR 1000W Review


A Closer Look – The Package



At the sides of the box, we can find information regarding the PSU’s certifications, including ATI Crossfire and nVidia SLI configurations, as well as the 80Plus Bronze certification. Furthermore, a feature list with icons is supplied.

Upon opening the box, the user will find a luxurious black cardbox inside. The truth is that we feel that more protective foam material should be used, in order to keep the components more secure inside.


A Closer Look – Accessories



Inside the package we will find modular cable sets which will cover any connection need. All of the cables are nicely sleeved and protected. Looking at the pictures from the left to the right, we can see the PCI Express, SATA, power and floppy cables. 
In total, we can find the following connector cables:

  • 4+4 PIN x 1
  • 6+2 PIN x 2
  • 8 PIN x 1
  • 24 PIN x 1
  • Floppy x 1
  • HDD x 4
  • SATA x 12

Also included are detires and 4 screws for mounting the PSU inside the case, as well as a High Power logo sticker. Furthermore, we can find a User Manual along with the PSU’s guarantee card.
It is quite nice from the side of High Power to include a neat carrying bag for the modular cables in the bundle. This gives the package a luxurious feeling. Of course, a power cord is also included for connecting the PSU to the wall outlet.


A Closer Look – The PSU


The PSU comes in a nice black finish and the fan it utilises is of white colour. The unit has a high-quality build and is well crafted. At the back side the body is drilled with holes, so that air exhaustion can be done effectively. There is an On-Off switch as well. At the sides of the PSU we can find the Direct 12 BR logo, as well as a beautiful encraved High Power logo.

At the top cover, there is a table showing us the DC output voltages of the unit.

As mentioned, the Direct 12 BR is of modular design. The cable connectors are neatly categorized by color on the unit and are easy to distinguish, thanks to the table that has the connectors’ descriptions along with schematics.


A Closer Look – The PSU Interior



The unit uses high quality components that should last a very long time. If you look at the interior of the unit, as far as airflow is concerned, you can see that High power has done a fantastic job in making sure that there are no obstructions in the way that would impede the airflow through the power supply case, all the wires are neatly bundled together and routed in a way to provide a clear path out of the rear of the unit. Looking inside we can see that the unit has three nice sized heatsinks that help in cooling components.

There is an artificial intelligent temperature control unit. The unit controls fan speed depending on load and temperature. Fan continues spinning after power off for 2-3 mins to dissipate residual hot air.

The modular power distribution control board has a good design and solid build. At the second picture we can see the ceramic fuse for input over current protection. It is built with high quality materials in order to withstand overload, crack, and explosion.

The fan comes from Globe Fan . It is a Golf- Surface Fan Whisper quiet double ball-bearing (up to 800W) of 13.5cm, that brings more airflow volume with less noise than convention.


Test Setup and Procedures

The machine’s specs on which we tested the psu are:

Processor: Intel Core i7 920
Motherboard: Asus P6X85D
RAM: 6 GB Mushkin 6-7-6-18
VGA: Gigabyte GTX480 1536MB
HDD: Velocity Raptor 150GB
PSU: High Power Direct 12 BR 1000W
Case: Thermaltake Armor VA8003BWS
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit

The tests that we ran included:


  • Idle Voltages (Rails)
  • Load Voltages (Rails)
  • Power Consumption
  • Noise Levels
  • Efficiency Test


Test Results and Verdict



The High Power Direct 12 BR has certainly not failed to impress, it combines a great design with rock solid build quality.

It delivers efficiency above the required levels for 80 Plus Bronze Certification. The rail voltages proved to be stable in both idle and load system conditions, with the temperatures being logical for the category. It incorporates a very capable fan design, combining low noise levels with good airflow. It is only audible into the top 25% of its rated power output. Overall, the High Power Direct 12 BR displayed very balanced results across all our testing with no problems or inherent weaknesses. As a 80 Plus Bronze certified unit it is pretty much as good as it gets. 

High Power have used industrial grade 105c japanese capacitors which are sure to deliver stable, reliable power for many years. Internally the soldering and wiring is of equally high standards and the components have been well selected for performance and long term reliability.

The High Power Direct 12 BR s a clear choice for enthusiasts who want the highest-quality power supply for their extreme gaming PCs and workstations, with the price tag being approximately 125 euros, which is a logical amount to spend for a reliable and powerful PSU.


(+) Solid build quality
(+) Efficient
(+) Stable
(+) Silent


(-) None


Thus, we give High Power Direct 12 BR 1000W our Editor’s Choice Award.


Editors Choice 294x300 - High Power Direct 12 BR 1000W Review


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