Gumdrop Drop Tech Series Case for Iphone 5 Review

Among the vast variety of iPhone 5 cases to choose from, there are cases that focus on design and cases that aim for maximum protection. Today we will be taking a look at Gumdrop’s Tech Series case for iPhone 5, a case that clearly aims at maximum protection.

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Gumdrop Cases is a premium fashion brand that targets the sophisticated, fashion-savvy yet practical Apple user demographic. We are experienced, but we also bring a fresh perspective, innovative designs and fast execution to the business.

What makes Gumdrop Cases unique? Not only do our cases offer premium protection, but our designs are exceptionally eye-catching and functional. With production infrastructure designed to get our products first to market, we also focus on giving our resellers an edge over the competition.”

Let’s take a look at the case’s features, as stated in the company’s official website:


  • Complete security for the iPhone 5, including screen and port covers
  • Dual material construction for multiple layers of shock absorption
  • Reinforced rubber bumpers on the corners
  • Includes integrated screen cover
  • Fits all companies’ iPhone 5 



The Gumdrop Drop Tech case arrived in a brown cardbox with a transparent window that enables a partial look at the case. At the back side there is a schematic of the case and a brief description in various languages.



The case consists of two parts; the inner plastic shell that also features a screen protector, as well as the outer shell which is made of high quality rubber material. The back side is rugged to maximize protection and prevent slipping. It is clear from the unboxing that the case has been manufactured in high standards. The sample that arrived to us was mainly of black colour with nice red touches along the case as you can see from the pictures.



The fitting of the iPhone 5 inside the case can be completed in two steps. First you have to push the phone inside the inner shell, where it steadily locks into place. Afterwards you have to insert the device into the rubber casing, carefully adjusting it around the plastic part.

The iPhone 5 looks and feels awesome in this casing, and Gumdrop’s case surely gives you the feeling that your device is absolutely protected. It surely adds a little bulk around the phone, but taking into account the protection level it offers this should not be a problem. The addition of a front screen protector is also an awesome addition and cooperates smoothly with the touch screen. The phone is also fully functional when using the case, all buttons are covered in rubber tips that are not hard to press and even the charger slot has a rubber lid. Of course, at the back side there is an opening for full camera and flash usage.

Overall, we were very satisfied with the Gumdrop Drop Tech Series Case. Costing around 33.00€ across Europe, it should definitely be an option for users who want a top-notch case providing maximum protection for their iPhone 5. The front screen protector along with the  rubber casing provide a combination that will ensure minimal to no damage in case of an accident.

Thus, we would like to give the Gumdrop Drop Tech Series Case our Editor’s Choice Award.



Editors Choice 294x300 - Gumdrop Drop Tech Series Case for Iphone 5 Review


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