Genius SP-HF500A Speakers Review

Geniuss headquarters are located in Taipei, Taiwan and was founded in 1983. It specializes in making laptop accessories, mice, keyboard, speakers, digital photo frames and more. Today we are testing the Genius SP-HF500A two way speaker system.


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Let’s have a look at the Genius SP-HF500A specs:

RMS(Watts): 14
Volume Control: YES
Bass/Tone: Tone
Headphone Jack: YES
Line-in: YES
Power ON/OFF: NO
Travel Bag: NO
Micro-phone Jack: NO
Channel volume Control: NO
Aux/5.1CH: NO

A Closer Look

The Genius SP-HF500A speakers come in a relatively big package that protects them from damage. On it there are colourful illustrations of the specs and the speakers themselves.

Inside we find the actual speakers, the connecting cords and the user’s manual.

The speakers are well built and the body is made from wood. They do not give the impression of cheap speakers and tehy also provide a retro touch.

At the back side we find the power button and a sticker with the speakers’ specs. Also, the connecting cords for power and speaker link are located here.

At the main speaker’s front side we find the volume adjust knob, the tone adjust knob and two 3.5 mm jacks used for line-in and headset connectors, which is a nice feature.

Sound quality, Speaker Function and Conclusion

We tested the Genius SP-HF500A speakers by listening to midbass music and gaming. We found out that they are a great value for money, as you can find them around 20-25 euros, and the sound they offer is warm and rich due to their wooden structure. Their design is also great as they combine the modern with the classic element. However, we found the bass to be too low, even if we tried to adjust with the tone knob, which is somehow annoying.


(+) Price
(+) Design
(+) Wooden body
(+) Good sound for standards


(-) Bass too low


Thus, we give the Genius SP-HF500A a rating of 7.0/10

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