Elago S5 Outfit Case for iPhone5 Review

Elago was founded in 2002 and is a design company that produces cases for portable devices and other various products. Their headquarters are located in the US. Today we will be reviewing the Elago S5 Outfit Case for iPhone 5.


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The sample that arrived to us was of black colour. The case is made mainly by aluminium and polycarbonate material, fact that gives this case a classy feeling. The inner and outer shell both have a nice Elago logo encraved.



Fitting the iPhone5 inside was a piece of cake. Once locked in, the phone is kept steadily inside the case with no jog or anything. Holding the iPhone5 with this case is a pleasure, it feels great in hand and it is a plus that the case is very light. There are holes and openings that make the phone fully usable without having to remove the case. The case is made in a way so that the screen will not be in touch with a flat surface, e.g. a table when placed upside down.

Overall, the Elago S5 Outfit Case for iPhone5 is one of the most classy cases that we have tested. Simple, but flawlessly crafted, this is a must accessory if you want to protect your beloved iPhone5.You can feel the quality of this case just by holding it. The back side especially is very soft and has an awesome black finish. Costing around 20.00€ across Europe, we cannot see why this case should not get our Editor’s Choice Award!



Editors Choice 294x300 - Elago S5 Outfit Case for iPhone5 Review



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