Ebode Take 10 Remote Control Review

There are some products out in the market that really make life easier. Today we are looking at the Ebode Take 10 remote control, which is a multi-functional remote control designed to replace all the remote controls of the house.


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Ebode is a relatively new company and specializes mainly in  plug and play automation products, accessories, A/V senders, infrared receivers and more.

Let’s take a quick look at the Ebode Take 10 main specs and features:



  • Familiar Channel Logos
  • Large, Easy-to-Use Buttons and LCD Screen
  • His & Hers Favourite Buttons
  • 5-Minute Setup
  • The Future-Proof Remote …. world’s largest build-in IR library
  • RF for controlling ebode lighting control
  • No PC needed to program
  • QuickPower Feature
  • Multilingual




  • Communication frequency (RF): 433MHz
  • Communication range (RF): up to 100m in open field
  • IR signals range: up to 10m
  • Power supply: 3x 1.5V alkaline AA batteries


A Closer Look – Package and Accessories

The Ebode Take 10 comes in a simple transparent box from which you can see the actual remote. The unit looks sturdy and quite big.

After we took the remote out of the box, we found the product’s features at the inner side of the box in several languages.

Apart from the remote control, inside the package we found a User Guide, the Code Book that contains codes for a wide range of devices and a mini-CD with the manual in electronic form.


A Closer Look – The Remote

The Ebode Take 10 comes in a nice black finish and has a solid build quality. Despite the fact that it is a little bit oversized, it feels great at hand.

The back side of the remote is of gray colour, and this is also where the batteries are placed. The remote uses 3 AA batteries which are not included in the package.

Overall we have to do with a carefully and beautifully designed product. At the center of the remote we find the central OK button with a four-way directional pad. At the sides there are buttons for Volume and Channel control, which are the ones that will be used more often by the user.

The buttons are large and easy to use. We can say they feel a little bit fim, but they are fully responsive.

Here is the sensor. The remote has a built in IR codes library which covers the vast majority of multimedia equipment available in the market. There is a learning function also. One thing worth to mention is that the sensor transmits RF signals, so first you can use it from a long range and secondly you do not have to be in direct contact with the device. The signal can even pass through walls and ceilings.

The 2″ colour LCD looks impressive especially in dark conditions. Through it, you can easily setup the remote as well as operating it. There are a total of 10 buttons at the sides of the LCD that make functions that depend on the screen’s readings. For example at the picture above, the upper right button selects English as the main language. Note that the interface is available in 8 different languages.


Performance and Verdict

Setting up the Ebode Take 10 was a piece of cake. You can either search the book for the available codes or test them all directly at your TV and check which one will work. We tried the remote at our Sony Bravia 42″ and our Samsung 19″ television sets, as well as at our Dreambox DM-500S sat receiver and we did not encounter a single problem. Unfortunately, we did not have any X10 equipment at our possession to check the remote’s X10 capabilities. Although a bit big, the remote design was exceptional and was responsive all the time, with the buttons having a nice feeling. Thanks to the RF sensor we were able to change channels in our TV even when being in another room without having direct contact with it. For advanced commands, there is also a learn function which in combination with the old remote can result in having a fully functional remote for all devices. Thanks to the Take 10 we were able to replace 3 remotes, and there is the ability to store up to 10 devices, so this is obvious that the unit comes in very handy. Tha manual that comes with the device is also well-written and will solve any problems – if you encounter one. The bright LCD screen is also a big plus, as you can switch between favourite channels very easily. Furthermore, the interface of the screen is actually very user-friendly and will not trouble you. Compared to other high-end remotes, this is reasonably priced and works exceptionally well, as advertised.


(+) Good build quality
(+) Can easily replace various remote controls
(+) RF sensor works from almost everywhere
(+) Learning function
(+) LCD Screen very useful


(-) Big in size, but covers any device control



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