Ebode IP Vision IPV38WE Review

Many people nowadays have the need to observe their properties or even their children for their own personal reasons. One of the device line that has helped a lot in this section are the wireless IP cameras. Today we are taking a look at Ebode IP Vision IPv38WE Wireless IP Camera, which should be a worthy addition in our multimedia section.



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Ebode is a relatively new company and specialises mainly in plug and play automation products, accessories, A/V senders, infrared receivers and more.

Let’s take a look at the Ebode IPV38WE’s features:

Resolution: 640 x 480 (VGA), 320 x 240 (QVGA), 300k pixels
Support WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption
Support 3G phone, Smart phone control and surveillance
Support Firefox, Safari, Google chrome browser and Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo accounts.
Optimized MJPEG video compression for transmission
Giving alarm when motion is detected
Embedded Web Server for users
Supporting Dynamic IP (DDNS) and UPNP LAN and Internet (ADSL, Cable Modem)
Supporting image snapshot


Package and Accessories


The Ebode IPV38WE comes in a nice orange and black box. On the front side there is a picture of the camera and its main features are stated, while at the sides of the box there is a brief but complete description of the camera’s capabilities.

Apart from the camera, inside the box we can find a power adapter, the external antenna, an ethernet cable and a plastic base along with its screws to stabilize the camera on a wall. Of course, there is a detailed user manual and a software CD. We can surely say that the bundle feels complete and contains everything you will possibly need for getting this camera up and running.


A Closer Look – The IP Vision IPV38WE



The camera unit itself has a solid build quality and is made of high-grade plastic material. It comes in black color and as you can see from the pictures it looks quite elegant. It uses a 0.3MP lens with night vision support. At the back side we can find all the connectors; ethernet connector, wireless antenna connector, audio and power connector, as well as four connectors for connecting alarms.Finally, at the bottom side we can find various information on the camera and a hole that adjusts to the plastic base supplied for placing the camera on wall surfaces. There is also a reset button for restoring factory settings. Note that the camera also comes with FREE DynDNS service!


Installation, Performance and Verdict


Installing the Ebode IPV38WE proved to be very easy thanks to the software bundle supplied. Note that even if you want to use the camera wirelessly, you will have to connect it directly to your router first to make the necessary adjustments. So the IP Camera Tool is a handy application that identifies your camera in the network and gives you its IP address. You can specify a static IP address or use DHCP assigning. When you double-click on the camera, you are given the interface options depending on the browser. We found out that using the Internet Explorer Active X mode gave us much more functionality that the other browsers, such as video recording and playback and audio  capture.

The main interface of the camera offers quite a lot options but this is all sorted out neatly so it ends up being quite handy. First, let’s talk a little about the camera’s capabilities before commenting on the video performance. Along the camera there is a free DynDNS service offered, which is a very nice addition! Of course, there is the possibility to use third-party DynDNS service if you want by specifying the settings in the relevant field. The camera’s remote capabilities include email support, DynDNS support as mentioned, and even MSN remote surveilance! Overall, the camera comes with complete communication capabilities. There is also an iPhone app available for download. For Android, we tried one of the most popular free applications available, the IP Cam Viewer and it worked flawlessly with pan and tilt functions. Finally there is the possibility to connect many cameras and control them all via the main browser window.

The main camera functionality is located underneath the Live Video tab. It is where you can see live video and audio from the camera, as well as record and snapshot possibilities. Now let’s talk about the video quality. Unfortunately, the picture is a bit blurry and this is primarily due to the 0.3MP camera lens. The colours are not vivid, but this is partially fixed by enabling outdoor mode. The pan and tilt controls function flawlessly and offer the camera a very wide point of view!

Costing around 109€ across Europe, the Ebode IPV38WE is surely a  camera with superb build quality and mediocre video performance, but to get other Full HD cameras for example you will have to pay the double. The bundle contains everything you will need to get the camera running and a big plus is the camera’s interface, which is very user friendly and helps greatly in taking advantage of the camera’s full remote capabilities.


(+) Complete bundle
(+) Many remote capabilities
(+) Well built
(+) Free DynDNS
(+) Price


(-) Average video quality



Thus, we would like to give the Ebode IPV38WE our Value For Money Award.


Value For Money 1 294x300 - Ebode IP Vision IPV38WE Review

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