Cygnett FlipWallet Case for iPhone5 Review

The Cygnett FlipWallet case is another case for iPhone5 that arrived here at Mega-Labs and it promises increased functionality over other cases, as it can be used as a wallet as well!


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Cygnett was founded in 2003 and their headquarters are located in Australia. They specialise in making a wide range of accessories for mobile devices.



The Cygnett FlipWallet case came in a nice white box and at the front side there is a picture of the case. At the back side there is a schematic of the case and a brief description. Inside the package we can also find a screen protector which is very nice of Cygnett to include.



The case is mainly made of leather material of black color externally, while the inner part is of light blue color. Of course the phone holders at the far right side of the case are made of high-quality plastic.



As you can understand, fitting the iPhone5 into the case is a piece of cake and all you have to do is press the device gently inside the holders. The phone functionality is full, as there are holes for every button and connector, including the camera and flash. It is true that you can use this case as a wallet, as there are several slots for credit cards and the case opens across its length to reveal a generous space for putting in cash.

We really liked the quality and functions of the Cygnett FlipWallet case but we were a bit disapointed to see that the front cover does not stay totally in place with or without the phone. We really feel that there should be a magnet or a metal button at the front side so that it will remain in place, as there is the risk of the case unfolding while in a bag.

Costing around 42.00€ across Europe, the Cygnett FlipWallet case is a little bit overpriced compared to other quality cases, and we really feel that Cygnett should cope with the front cover issue. Other than that, it is a case made with high-quality standards and fine leather material that can be a lifesaver for people who want to carry one case around that will protect their iPhone5 along with some cash and credit cards.



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