Coolink SWiF2-120P and SWiF2-1201 Review

While Coolink is not one of the major players in the market, they produce high-performance products and we saw that in our Corator DS CPU cooler review. Today we are reviewing the Coolink SWiF2-120P and SWiF2-1201 120mm fans.



Coolink was founded in 1996 and their headquarters are located in Taiwan. They mainly specialise in high-performance PC cooling products.

Let’s take a quick look at the Coolink SWiF2-120P and SWiF2-1201 main specs and features:




  • Innovative 11-blade impeller design
  • Supports PWM fan speed control
  • High-performance hydro-dynamic bearing
  • Protective cable sleeving
  • Incl. Anti-Vibration Bolts & Screws
  • PWM y-split cable for connecting
  • PWM (120P)


A Closer Look – The SWiF2-120P

The SWiF-120P came in a pleasant colourful box with a transparent window that enables the buyer to see the actual fan.

At the back side of the box there are the detailed specs and features of the fan.

The fan itself has a solid build with the frame finished in black colour and the blades having an eye-catching nice greenish yellow colour.

The SWiF2-120P has a PWM control. This allows the fan to have e rotation speed 800-1700 RPM.

Inside the package you will also find a PWM y-split cable for connecting multiple PWM fans and Anti-Vibration Bolts & Screws.



A Closer Look – The SWiF2-1201


The SWiF2-1201 comes in a similar box of the 120P. We can see that the fan functions at 1200RPM and is mainly aimed for more silent operation than its brother, that is mainly aimed for performance.

At the back side of the box we can find an airflow to noise ratio and the fan’s main specs.

Following the same comour combinations as the 120P, the 1201 has an innovative 11-blade impeller design. There is also protective cable sleeve around the cable to protect it from damage. 

Hydrodynamic Bearing technology is used, increasing the life span of the fan.

Inside the package you will also find four Fan Screws and four Anti Vibration Bolts.


Test Setup and Procedures

We did not make the tests with the Coolink SWiF2-120P and SWiF2-1201 installed in a PC case or on a CPU heatsink, as many factors can alter airflow and temperature. Instead, all the measurements were done on a bench table with an air temperature of 22 degrees celsius, and with the fans operating at maximum voltage.

We used the following tools to measure airflow and sound levels:


  •  Kestrel 4500-Anemometer
  •    TES1352H-soundmeter


So it is quite understandable that the test included:


  • Airflow test
  • Noise measurement
  • Price Comparison


Test Results

During our airflow tests, the SWiF2-120P performed better than the more quiet 1201. The performance offered by the fans is average.

The two fans are silent, with the 1201 being significantly more quiet due to its lower RPM.

The fans cost around 10 euros in Europe, which is a good deal. The price is good considering the high-quality build of the fans.



Both of the Coolink SWiF2-120P and SWiF2-1201 ran quietly and smoothly. We have to do with a pair of simple fans, easy to install with a nice look and good finishing. PWM control for the 120P is a good addition and the fact that the cables are sleeved on both fans is satisfying. Considering their price, the fans are a good deal and will offer acceptable performance without disturbing the user. Of course there are plenty of more powerful choices out in the market, but they cost more, even double to buy.


(+) PWM control for 120P
(+) Sleeve cables
(+) Almost silent


(-) Medium airflow




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