Codegen MX-31 Review

Codegen was founded in 1985 and their production line includes PC peripherals, such as power supply units, LCD screens, cases, keyboards, speakers and more. Today we are taking a look at the Codegen MX-31, which is a mini-ITX case.


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Let’s take a look at its specs:

Name:  Codegen MX31, Mini-ITX
:  355*200*160mm (D*W*H)
Compatible motherboards
:  mini-ITX
HDD bays
:  2×3,5″
Place for CD/DVD drive
:  1x Slim
Front I/O panel
:  Audio+2xUSB
Other components
:  Card reader
PSU, Watts
:  420W
:  silver-black


A Closer Look – Package and Accessories



The Codegen MX-31 comes in a simple brown cardbox. At the front side we can see a picture of the actual case, while on the back we can find the case’s main features. All the contents are nicely secured using protective foam inside the package. In the package we can also find a user’s manual, which contains detailed installation instructions with assembly photos. Furthermore, a power cable as well as sata connectors are included.


A Closer Look – The Codegen MX-31 Exterior



When we opened the box and had the Codegen MX-31 in our hands, we were impressed by its construction quality. The case is flawlessly finished in black, with the front plate being silver and has a solid build. The power button on the front has a nice touch. At the back side there is the power cable connector, as well as an empty space for mounting an 80mm fan. 

At the side of the Codegen MX-31 there are grills for the hot air to come out. At the second picture we can see the DVD port, while at the third one we can see the USB and audio slots that the case utilises at the left side of the face plate.


A Closer Look – The Codegen MX-31 Interior



When we unscrewed the case cover, we found the inside to be minimalistic, this is how the MX-31 is designed and aimed for anyway. At the second picture we can see the hard disk slot position, which is located at the upper part. The PSU is also made from Codegen, and has a 420W wattage. 

At the above pictures can see the motherboard, sata and power cables supplied. Of course the connectors offered are not many, but do not forget that we have to do a case that will hold a mini-ATX system.





Installation was very easy, but we advise you to install the optical drive first and afterwards the PSU. When we started the system, we noticed that the PSU was silent and the whole system operation was noise free. You can easily fit a Core 2 Duo processor inside along with the stock cooler, maybe it is possible to install a compact-sized aftermarket one. The case features one PCI slot space for expansion. The ventilation is good despite the small size, thanks to the grills that help in hot air exhaustion. 



We were very pleased with the Codegen MX-31. It has a solid construction quality and has a simple design, that helps in setting up a system in no longer than 30 minutes. During operation, it remained silent due to its quiet PSU. It takes up little space and it is very light.

Generally, we would recommend the MX-31 to anyone looking to build a small factor PC, especially when considering the price tag. Costing around 40 euros, the case is totally worth the money, as it is one of the cheapest we can find, but that does not mean that there is a loss in quality.


(+) Small and lightweight
(+) Quiet
(+) Easy to setup
(+) Price


(-) Might not appeal to more demanding users


Thus, we would like to give the Codegen MX-31 our Value For Money Award.



Value For Money 1 294x300 - Codegen MX-31 Review

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