Antec HCG-620 Review

Antec was founded in 1986 and their main product line includes power supply units, PC cases and cooling products for both laptop and desktop systems. Today we will be looking at the Antec HCG-620 PSU, which has a 620W wattage and is also 80Plus Bronze certified.


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Let’s take a look at the Antec HCG-620 main specifications and features, taken directly from the company’s website:

 feat - Antec HCG-620 Review

A Closer Look – Package and Accessories


The Antec HCG-620 came in a black card box. At the front side we can find a small picture of the actual PSU, as well as the 80Plus Bronze logo. At the sides of the box, we can find information regarding the voltages of the PSU, as well as its dimensions. Furthermore, there are schematics showing the features of the PSU.

All of the contents are nicely protected in the package, to secure them from damage during shipping. Inside a small card box, we will find four screws for installation, as well as the User’s Manual. Of course, a power cord is also supplied. Inside the package we can also find a neat protective black bag with Antec’s logo, that gives the whole package a classy feeling.


A Closer Look – HCG-620 Exterior



The Antec HCG-620 has a solid build quality and is flawlessly designed with a nice black finish. There is a red Antec logo at the side. The wiring used is non-modular and at the back the plate is grilled to help in exhausting the hot air outside of the unit. There is also an On-Off switch. At the top of the PSU we can find Antec’s cooling fan with the company logo at its centre.

The unit’s dimensions are 8.6x15x16cm and its weight is 2.6kg. 


The cable connector types supported include:

  • 1 x 20+4 pin
  • 2 x 6+2 PCI-E
  • 1 x 6 pin PCI-E
  • 6 x SATA
  • 6 x Molex
  • 1 x Floppy
  • 1 x 4+4 pin ATX/EPS


A Closer Look – The HCG-620 Interior



The protections integrated circuit is a PS223 and is housed on a daughter-board in the secondary side.On the primary side we will find Japanese capacitors at  400v/470uF Nippon components rated for 85°C.The first part of the EMI/transient filter is located on a small PCB right behind the AC receptacle and consists of one X, four Y capacitors and one coil.

The 13.5cm fan is manufactured by ADDA and is a DC Brushless model with 12v/0.27A operation. It has a rating of 1700RPM and 30dBA noise level.


Test Setup and Procedures

The machine’s specs on which we tested the psu are:

Processor: Intel Core i7 920
Motherboard: Asus P6X85D
RAM: 6 GB Mushkin 6-7-6-18
VGA: 2 x Gigabyte GTX480 1536MB
HDD: Velocity Raptor 150GB
PSU: Antec HCG-620
 Thermaltake Armor VA8003BWS
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit

The tests that we ran included:


  • Idle Voltages (Rails)
  • Load Voltages (Rails)
  • Power Consumption
  • Noise Levels
  • Efficiency Test


Test Results



From the above diagrams, we see that Antec’s PSU has a nice 3.3V and 5V rail voltage, but not a stable 12V one. In terms of efficiency, the PSU’s performance justifies its 80Plus Bronze certification in all conditions. The power consumption is considered normal.

The Antec HCG-620 managed to remain quiet during operation, with the user being hardly capable of hearing it.



Overall, we were truly satisfied with the Antec HCG-620, taking its 75 euro price tag into consideration. We have to do with a PSU that has a solid build with a neat black finish that really adds up th quality terms. The cables are flawlessly sleeved, although the PSU is non-modular. Certainly, it is not the most stable PSU we have tested, as its 12V rail was a little bit unstable, but it is certainly efficient and justifies its 80Plus Bronze certification. Furthermore, it was quiet during operation and its power consumption is considered normal for the category.

Generally, Antec’s PSU is a unit that is totally worth the money, as in this price tag it is not easy to find PSU’s with the same features. We would prefer it to be modular though, but again, this is no big deal for this price.


(+) 80Plus Bronze certification, and proves that
(+) Very good 3.3v and 5v results
(+) Price


(-) Not modular


Thus, we give the Antec HCG-620 our Value For Money Award.


Value For Money 1 294x300 - Antec HCG-620 Review

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