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Smartphones have become essential in our everyday lives, as they serve  more purposes than simply answering and receiving phone calls. One of their functions that users enjoy is music playback. Today we are taking a look at Antec Gain, a tiny bluetooth gadget that gives you the ability to wirelessly receiving and making phone calls and listening to music, with the added plus to connect any wired 3.5mm headset to the unit.

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Antec was founded in 1986 and their main product line includes power supply units, PC cases and cooling products for both laptop and desktop systems, as well as various accessory products.

Let’s take a look at the Gain’s specs and features, taken directly from Antec’s official website:

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Package and Accessories

The Antec Gain arrived in a white semi-transparent box from which you can see the actual bluetooth receiver along with the supplied ear buds. Including a pair of earbuds is surely a welcome addition by Antec. At the back side of the box there is a schematic of the receiver as well as a brief description of the device’s main features. The back side of the box unfolds, revealing the description in more languages.

Except for the receiver, inside the package we can find:

-a USB connector cable used for charging the receiver
-a user manual
-a pair of Antec ear buds
-different-sized ear bud covers for fitting any ear type

We can say that the bundle feels complete and contains everything that you will need to use the receiver.


A Closer Look – The Antec Gain


The Antec Gain is a tiny piece of gadget that is carefully constructed. The sample that arrived to us was of light blue colour. The upper surface has a mirror effect and contains a central button that has  5 buttons embedded, one at the center and a total of four at the sides. It is used for answering/rejecting calls, adjusting volume, switching between call/music playback mode and skipping tracks.

At the sides of the receiver we can find the 3.5mm audio jack and the USB charging connector. Finally at the back of the receiver there is a very handy clip that can be used to hold the receiver on clothes.

Overall we have to do with a carefully designed and constructed unit that is easy to carry around due to its tiny size.

The supplied earphone set is following the same quality standards and in no way feels cheaply made.


Installation, Performance and Verdict

It was very easy pairing our Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with the Antec Gain. After powering on the Gain by holding the central button for 7-8 seconds, it enters pairing mode, when you can scan for it and pair it with your phone using bluetooth connection.

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Let’s talk a little bit about audio quality. The Antec Gain managed to offer us crystal clear call quality with the ease to answer/reject calls with instant or prolonged press of the central button. Our caller at the other end of the line also assured us that he could hear us clearly with no external distortion.

But where the Antec Gain really shines is while playing music. We were surprised to see that even with the stock ear buds that are supplied-that fit all ear types thanks to the different sized ear bud covers supplied-the sound quality was superb even at very high volume levels. The bass was deep and precise and there was no treble distortion or anything. We believe that with a high-end pair of in-ear speakers the sound quality should boost by significant levels and it would be a very pleasant experience to listen to.

Just to note that the Antec Gain reached 5.5 hours of continuous playback on maximum volume setting which is very close to the 6 hours that Antec state.

Costing around 30.00€ across Europe, the Antec Gain is a solid choice regarding wireless audio playback and call management. Its audio quality is awesome and the portability it offers in combination with the ability to connect any 3.5mm pair of earphones surely compile a very attractive piece of gadget.


(+) Superb audio quality
(+) Battery life
(+) Supplied ear buds
(+) Total wireless smartphone control
(+) Price


(-) None


Thus, we would like to give the Antec Gain our Editor’s Choice Award.


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