Alphacool USB Display Review

Nowadays power users can find various accessories for their system that are designed to make their life easier. One of them is the Alphacool USB Display that can provide real-time system information, while also being customizable.


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Alphacool was founded in 2003 in Germany and they focus on producing high quality PC cooling products and accessories.

Let’s take a quick look at the Alphacool USB Display specs:

– Blue white Graphic – display
– 240×128 pixel, inverted (blue display with white lettering)
– USB 1, 1 & 2.0 compatible
– Extra slim (1cm thick, incl. Controller)
– Endless possibilities for displaying
– Weight: approx. 450g


A Closer Look – Package and Accessories

The Alphacool USB Display comes in a simple blue cardbox, on which we can find an illustration of the actual LCD screen.

At the back side of the box you can find specs and features in two languages, German and English.

The inner packaging is hard and secures the screen from damage during shipping.

Inside the package you will also find a USB cable which is long enough to find the proper USB port.


A Closer Look – The Display

The whole construction is made of aluminium and has a nice black finish, so it fiits greatly with black cases. The display takes up two
5.25″ slots and thanks to its design it leaves room for further internal modifications, such as radiators, pumps etc.

At the unit’s back side we can see the circuit and the USB port with which the screen is connected to an available USB port.

The whole structure looks and works good.


Performance and Software


The display looks impressive when installed, especially when on a black case. Installation is painlesss, as you only have to connect one USB cable and the display is up and running.

Using the supplied software, you can use the screen to display a wide variety of information. The display is bright and easy to distinguish. The color combination used is blue with white.

There are appliances for all tastes: from temperature monitoring to media player and even FRAPS support.

The software is very easy to use, as you just drag and drop any objects you want into the LCD screen. Everything is highly customisable and you can configure the screen exactly the way you want.

There is also a live preview which is very handy, as it lets you know how the screen will look like before the data is uploaded. Generally, we consider that the software will cover every need while being extremely user-friendly.



We were very satisfied with the Alphacool USB display. The LCD quality is decent,easy to read and looks impressive especially in dark conditions. Installation is painless, as all you need is an available USB port.  The overall structure looks very sleek when installed. The downloadable software allows you to fully customize your display, indicating plenty of information from temperatures, CPU load and media player status to news feeds and game stats. All of this is done easily using a drag and drop interface, with the small preview window proving to be very handy. The amount of the information displayed is really limitless. 

Costing around 70 euros, we consider it to be a fairly priced product, considering the construction quality and the high level of customisation it provides.


(+) Easy to install
(+) Looks impressive
(+) Easy to use software
(+) Highly customisable


(-) None


Thus, we give the Alphacool USB Display our Value For Money Award, as it is a product that does the job and is highly customisable to suit your needs.


Value For Money 1 294x300 - Alphacool USB Display Review

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