AcoustiFan Fan Series Review

It is of great importance that a fan can efficiently cool a system while being silent. Today we are testing the Acoustifan Fan Series Dust-tolerant AFDP 8025P. AFDP 9225B and AFDP 12025B, which prospectively are 80, 92 and 120mm.


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Acousti mainly specializes in PC cooling products that are mainly designed for silent operation.Let’s take a quick look at the fans’ specs and features, chart image taken directly from Acousti’s website:

acoustispecs - AcoustiFan Fan Series Review

Obviously, our point of interest here are the last 3 models.


A Closer Look – Package and Accessories

All the Acoustifan Fan series come in a simple white box with a transparent window, from which we can see the actual fan. The packaging of the three models is identical, only their dimensions are different. At the back side you can find a brief feature description and a referrance of what is included in the package. As expected, inside the box you will find five fan mounts, four screws and a set of straps. The fan mounts made from an ultra-soft silicone polymer to prevent vibration and noise. Each fan comes with a 3-speed fan cable providing a choice of 3 speeds & 4-pin connectivity.


A Closer Look – The Fans

All the Acoustifan Fan series are made with high quality standards and the main colour used is black. All three models look exactly the same except for their size. The frames are designed so that the fan will not transmit any vibrations to the case. One thing worth mentioning is that the fans have a starting voltage of 3.5V. Normally case fans use 12V but some models in the high end segment have an adapter which lets them operate at only 7V, but 3.5V is phenomenal. The weight of the fans is more than usual, and they have a solid build.

The Acoustifan Fan series have the unique feature of dust proof. That means that dust stays out of the motor, bearings and fan circuitry to help keep the fan quiet, cool and prolong it’s lifetime.

All the Acoustifan Fan series come with a 3-pin adapter as standard.


Test Setup and Procedures

We did not make the tests with the fans installed in a PC case or on a CPU heatsink, as many factors can alter airflow and temperature. Instead, all the measurements were done on a bench table with an air temperature of 22 degrees celsius, and with the fans operating at maximum voltage.

We used the following tools to measure airflow and sound levels:


  •   Kestrel 4500-Anemometer
  • TES1352H-soundmeter


So it is quite understandable that the test included:


  • Airflow test
  • Noise measurement

(noise at ultra low speed as we have to deal with quiet fans)

  • Price Comparison


Test Results

acoustiprice - AcoustiFan Fan Series Reviewairfgraph - AcoustiFan Fan Series Reviewnoiselowgraph3 - AcoustiFan Fan Series Reviewnoisemaxgraph2 - AcoustiFan Fan Series Review

Airflow is average, but considering these fans are aimed at silent operation, it is totally acceptable. Even at 27CFM, the 12025B still managed to inaudible.

At ultra low speed, we can easily say that all fans are inaudible, there is no way someone can hear them unless he virtually sticks his ear to the chassis.

Even at maximum voltage, noise levels are very low.

All fan models are not considered exactly inexpensive, but they are certainly a buy to consider if you want a silent PC system.



Acousti has put some serious work in research and development before launching these fans to the market and this can be seen from the tests. While the Acoustifans do not deliver an impressive airflow, they manage to remain virtually silent at all RPM range. Some may complain about their plain design, but we can assure you that the fans are carefully constructed and well made. The DustProof technology ensures that the fan will not hold dust during operation, and this is a big plus for its lifetime. If there are no other noise sources from your system, you will barely hear your PC if you are using Acoustifans. The price is reasonable considering they target users who want a completely silent PC.


(+) Build quality and finish
(+) Ultra quiet
(+) Low starting voltage


(-) Medium Airflow

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