The new Dell XPS 15 keeps the same bezel-less design, but features faster chips

Dell have just announced new desktop but also laptop models with the new 8th generation Intel Core. Between them was the new Dell XPS 15 in its most powerful version.

The new Dell XPS 15 looks a lot like its predecessor, having a chassis of the same design. However, there are many and significant changes internally. It can be equipped with the new 6-core Intel processor and H-Series iGPU, while at the standard edition it is powered by the Core i5-8300H.

The most powerful version of the Dell XPS 15 can be equipped with the hexacore Core i9 in combination with a Geforce GTX 1050ti type of graphics card. Furthermore, a 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD is supported, thus it is a very capable solutions for developers and also for gamers. However, this is still not enough for the very demanding users.

Like the previous Dell XPS 15, the low-end models have a 56WHr battery, while the higher-end models feature a 97WHr battery, which, according to Dell, can offer a running time of about 21.5 hours.

The upgraded version can be equipped with a maximum of 32GB RAM and a more power efficient Infinity-Edge 4K panel. The prices for the Dell XPS 15 will start from 999.00USD for the US market, however they are not yet confirmed for other markets.



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